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Aleksandar Stankovic

Director Business Owner Founder Entrepreneur Industrial Designer 3D Computer Graphics Artist 3D Game Developer

Belgrade, Serbia
Director, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Founder, Designer at StAl Project
Studied 3D Game Development at ITOIP- IT Technologies
Studied 3D Computer Graphics Art at Chiron - School for creative technologies
Studied Industrial & Product Design at Belgrade Polytechnics
Joined July 12, 2021



Native or Bilingual
About me: Name and Surname: Aleksandar (Milic) Stankovic Year: 1988 Work: Industrial Product Designer, 3D Computer Graphics Artist certified by company "Autodesk" for the "Autodesk Maya" software and 3D Game Developer certified for Unreal technology. Activity period: 2005- Employment: Independent designer and 3D artist in a small family design workshop called "StAl Project" company. Types of work: Cooperation with other organizations (companies). Independent performance in jobs. Language: English, Serbian, Russian About family company "StAl Project": WORK HISTORY in design since 2005., in 3D graphics since 2006. "StAl Project" company – Belgrade, Serbia 03/2011 – PRESENT About "StAl Project" company and divisions: "StAl GaMeS" department 1, "StAl VeHiClEs" department 2, "StAl BuIlDiNgS" department 3 and "StAl VFX" department 4 are "StAl Project" company's freelance, remote, co-working and self publishing 3D racing game development, transportation (automotive) development and civil engineering development services! "StAl Project" company self publishing works: 1. Video game development (primarily for automotive video games, game assets and game kits - PC and other platforms)! 2. Transportation (automotive) development + Mock-up & models making! - "StAl GaMeS " division 1 is specialized primarily for automotive games, game kit and game assets for PC and other device platforms!! -> Self publishing product lines: "StAl's automotive game kit series", "StAl's automotive games series" and "StAl's automotive game assets series". -> Work in progress!! - "StAl VeHiClEs" division 2 is specialized for automotive (transportation) design!! From "PDF detailed vehicle product design elaborate" to the "3D digital prototype modeling & styling", "mock-up & model making". -> Self publishing product lines: "StAl's automotive (transportation) digital car design works and using for digital 3D and racing video game industry ". -> Work in progress!! - "StAl BuIlDiNgS" (civil engineering and design, building design) division 3 used for making building and construction projects and products for bigger corporations. StAl products are different building molds, pumps, stump presses, and other toolkits for using in building and construction industries. Work in progress!! - "StAl VFX" division 4 is specialized for VFX stock footage products and selling on e-marketplaces. Different types of fires, explosion effecs, water and smoke simulations and other VFX components used for TV and similar industries. -> Self publishing product lines: "StAl's VFX Stock Footage product series used for commercials, TV series, movies etc..". Work in progress!! In the areas of design since 2005., freelance office & service "StAl Project" first workshop founded 2011. Soon, many more new projects & products!!! The new era of projects comes in next time... Informations about activities will be updated sometimes!
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StAl Project
Mar 2011 – Present
Director, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Founder, Designer
Working characteristics of company maked as divisions/departments: StAl Project (design & development divisions/departments): - Building design & development 🏗 🏙 - Automotive design & development 🚗🚙 - Racing games design & development 🕹🎮 - VFX (visual effects) design & development 🔥🌪 List of working technical characteristics and services of the company by sectors: 1. Industrial/Product design (department) - Market research and product marketing - Defining and generating product ideas - Sketching a new product - Technical product documentation - Computer 3D Visualization - Product model made in material (with design studio) 2. 3D Computer Graphics Art (department) - Animation - Cameras - Compositing - Data Management/Interoperability - Dynamics/Simulation - Effects - Lighting - Materials/Shading - Modeling - Rendering - Rigging/Setup - Scene Assembly/Pipeline Integration - Scripting - UI/Object Management 3. 3D Video Game Development (department) - C ++ programming - Classes and objects - Destructors, Inheritance, Generics - Configure Unreal's user interface - Creating a project - Working with landscape - Scenes - Materials and lighting adjustment - Adjust the post-effect - Animations - Audio - Blueprint editor - Cinematics - Actions and events - Game performance and optimization - Packaging and distribution of game files as an finished product (or build a prototype) For all bonus informations be free to contact me. Aleksandar
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ITOIP- IT Technologies
Nov 2019 – Jan 2020
Game Development Certification (Training, Final Exam and Internship), 3D Game Development
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Chiron - School for creative technologies
Oct 2010 – Nov 2012
Postgraduate + Professional Certification (Credentials), 3D Computer Graphics Art
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Belgrade Polytechnics
Nov 2007 – Sep 2010
Bachelor, Industrial & Product Design