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Ali Mirza

Islamabad, Pakistan
Studied Business Administration at University of Westminster
Joined May 8, 2020
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Al Azhar textile mills ltd
Sep 2012 – Jan 2017
Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Senior Marketing Manager
Initially my job was to research on what yarn was more profitable and how it could be marketed. Eventually I was selling the yarn in the market B2B. The job taught me how to work as a team because I had to have a very good work chemistry with the production manager and the cotton purchase manager in order to have a good insight about the quality of the yarn that I had to sell. I had to meet tight deadlines because the business was going through a financial crunch Most of the times. This taught me a great deal on time management as well as risk management.
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University of Westminster
Sep 2010 – May 2011
BA Honours, Business Administration