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Andrea Ciavattone

Writer & Editor | Blog Posts, Articles, and Copywriting

Milan, Italy
Studied at University of Milan
Studied at University of Turin
Writing & Editing
Joined May 28, 2024



Native or Bilingual
I'm a Content Writer with 2 year of experience and a background as an art historian. My passion for new trends and artistic paths pushes me to constantly explore new creative horizons, with a keen focus on innovations in the world of art and visual communication. I love writing and publishing content online using my historical knowledge and artistic sensibility to create engaging and impactful narratives. My experience has enabled me to develop an excellent ability to combine visual and textual aspects, ensuring that every project in which I participate is refined and rich in content.
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Interni Magazine
Apr 2024 – May 2024
Content Creator
The management of social media communication was enhanced through the introduction of a new approach that incorporates an innovative perspective aimed at examining the multiple creations of architects and partner companies.This approach involved a process of conceptualizing, editing and editing the videos, culminating in the uploading of the final product to INTERNI magazine's Instagram account, thus amplifying the visibility and impact of the productions. The results showed an evolution of communication patterns on social media and a significant enhancement of communication skills.
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Video Sound Art
Oct 2023 – Dec 2023
Production and Set-Up Stage Worker
I was part of the production and curatorial team, actively participating in the production phase involving collaboration between the production department and curator. My presence contributed significantly to the management of logistical aspects related to the transportation, setup, and installation of the works and billboards. In addition, I provided input into the mediation process, thus contributing to the achievement of desired results. Achievements include excellence in communication, effective collaboration within the team, and the ability to efficiently solve problems.
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University of Milan
Sep 2022 – Present
MA Degree in Art History and Management
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University of Turin
Sep 2019 – Nov 2022
BA Degree in Cultural Heritage