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Aniket Jha

Kolkata, India
Account manager at E Trade Finance
Joined July 23, 2023


In considering my opportunity, several factors are important to me: Meaningful Work: I value the opportunity to engage in work that has a purpose and makes a positive impact. Contributing to a company or organization that aligns with my values and allows me to make a meaningful difference is crucial. Growth and Development: Continuous learning and personal growth are essential to me. I seek a career opportunity that provides room for advancement, skill development, and the chance to expand my knowledge and expertise. Mentorship, training programs, and a supportive work environment are important aspects that facilitate growth. Work-Life Balance: Achieving a healthy work-life balance is vital for my overall well-being and productivity. A career opportunity that promotes work-life balance, offers flexible schedules, and recognizes the importance of personal time and family commitments is highly appealing. Collaborative Culture: I thrive in environments where collaboration, teamwork, and open communication are encouraged. Being part of a diverse and inclusive team that fosters a sense of belonging and values diverse perspectives is crucial to me. Innovation and Challenge: I am motivated by challenges and enjoy working in environments that foster innovation. Being part of a company that embraces new ideas, encourages creativity, and provides opportunities to solve complex problems is exciting to me. Compensation and Benefits: While not the sole determining factor, fair compensation and comprehensive benefits are important considerations in any career opportunity. It is essential to be valued for the work I contribute and to have access to benefits that support my well-being. Overall, I am seeking a career opportunity that combines purposeful work, growth potential, work-life balance, collaboration, innovation, and fair compensation. Finding a role and organization that align with these factors would enable me to thrive both professionally and personally.
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E Trade Finance
Mar 2023 – Present
Account manager
Fintech company