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Ann Omale

Customer service representative

I am a highly motivated, friendly and progress-focused Customer Service Representative with 7 years of customer facing experience. I am very empathetic, has an eye for details, organized, independent, creative, result oriented, focused with high working ethical standards.
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United Bank for Africa
Jan 2013 – Feb 2020
57, Marina Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Customer service representative/Cashier
In my last role, at The United Bank for Africa (UBA ), I worked as a cashier/Front Desk Officer and attended on average to 300 customers daily who come to make deposits, withdrawals and other banking services while also cross-selling the bank's other products. I carried out my job with a high level of empathy for the weak and feable in the queue. This made some of my colleagues nickname me the girlfriend of old men (smiles). This role helped me greatly in developing my attention to detail, empathy, focus, organization, friendliness, self-motivation and result-oriented skills. I surpassed my TAT (Turn Around Time) at all times and ensured that the banking hall was not crowded by working hard and taking responsibility. Prior to this role, I previously worked in the UBA House world headquarters, Marina at the Customer Fulfillment Center as the Switchboard Operator where I professionally handled inbound/Outbound calls as the first point of contact to the bank. In this role, I will receive incoming calls, get the details of the caller and the details of the call recepient, put the caller on hold briefly while I quickly search out the office extension of the call recepient, confirm availability and transfer the call to the recipient immediately. I also exceeded my TAT which earned me many recommendations and friends amongst the senior managers.
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National Open University of Nigeria
Jun 2018 – Dec 2022
BA.Ed , Primary Education