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Antoan Frantsov

👋Hey, if you're a business owner who wants to automate 50%+ of his business while building a brand, we can achieve that as soon as possible

Sofia, Bulgaria
Founder at Sound to Inspire
Founder at Sell to Inspire
Marketing & Advertising
Joined July 23, 2023



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👋 Hey, if you're a business owner who wants to automate 50%+ of his business while building a recognizable brand, here's how you can do it as efficiently as possible... ➡️ We are Sell to Inspire and we help brands with huge potential multiply their market share by building and automating their marketing and organizational efforts. We achieve that by utilizing the latest social media practices in combination with building marketing funnels and AI automation systems. You're probably facing these 3 problems: 1⃣ You sometimes feel overworked, stressed, or overwhelmed by jumping back and forth while growing your business 2⃣ You want to integrate AI into your business but you don't know how to do it properly or you simply lack time 3⃣ You want to stand out amongst your competitors but it seems too hard for you If you can relate to the problems above, Transform to Inspire is here for you to: ✅Build and automate a brand which works for you, instead of you working for it. ✅Help you stay aware with everything that happens with your business internally and externally ✅Develop content that definitely stands out to your ideal audience So, What's Next? You can simply send me a quick message over here on LinkedIn. 💎 I'd be happy to answer any questions your have or simply exchange experience. Why am I doing this? Because my slogan is "lead with the giving hand", so I practice what I preach... Let's sell and inspire through the power of automation! Yours, Antoan Frantsov - Founder of Sell To Inspire, ex Freelance Marketer, Musician
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Sound to Inspire
Apr 2022 – Present
Sound to Inspire aims to help people in the music industry or music-related content creators grow independently through utilizing Al, automation software, and organic Marketing. We also help them find their true music and content creation style so they can create in alignment with their true identity without being influenced by external factors. Key Achievements: - 1440% increase of the Facebook group in the first month - Thanks to our Facebook group, Sound To Inspire got 50 more call appointments for their coaching program for the second month
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Sell to Inspire
May 2019 – Present
Sell to Inspire aims to help businesses save time and labor by developing digital systems. We use already existing software or build new ones in order to create these systems for them. There is also an option for them to receive a full-scale marketing strategy which can be executed by our team of professionals with years of experience. Key Responsibilities: - Marketing Strategy Development - System Building - Gathering Data for the sake of optimizing their systems - Helping the business with outsourcing freelancers Key Achievements - +5X of the engagement rate and sales numbers of the businesses we've worked with - Saving thousands of hours and funds by developing custom digital systems.
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Upwork Mastery Bulgaria
Jun 2019 – May 2020
Instagram Marketer and Salesman
Acting as an Instagram Marketer and first contact for all high-level customers of (Upwork Mastery Bulgaria), I was responsible for building their brand on Instagram and turning their prospects into recurring clients. Key Responsibilities - Managing and growing the Instagram account - Going on sales calls with cold leads Key Achievements/Projects - 6X return of the investment in the first month - Turning 37% of the cold leads into clients in the first month
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Jun 2019 – Nov 2019