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Arsalan Niazi

Headline: Results-Oriented Collections Level III Professional | Financial Advisor | Customer Support Expert

Peshawar, Pakistan
Collections Level III at Achieve
Information Technology & Services
Joined July 23, 2023


Results-oriented professional with a strong background in collections, customer support, sales, and financial advisory. Seeking a challenging position as a Collections Level III professional, leveraging my expertise in customer satisfaction, negotiation, debt collection, account management, and investment advisory. Utilizing my diverse experience in remote sales dispatching, account management, and sales representation, I aim to contribute to the organization's success by driving revenue growth, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and providing strategic financial guidance.
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May 2022 – Present
Collections Level III
1. Debt Collection: Contact customers via phone, email, or written correspondence to collect outstanding payments and negotiate appropriate repayment plans based on their financial circumstances. 2. Customer Communication: Ensure prompt and professional communication with customers regarding their debts, addressing any inquiries or concerns they may have while emphasizing the importance of timely payment. 3. Account Management: Update and maintain accurate records of customer interactions, payment commitments, and progress in the CRM system. 4. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Utilize persuasive negotiation techniques to encourage customers to fulfill their payment obligations while being sensitive to their financial situations. Resolve any disputes or conflicts in a professional and tactful manner. 5. Compliance: Adhere to all debt collection laws and regulations, maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct and fair treatment of customers throughout the collection process. 6. Payment Arrangements: Propose suitable payment plans or settlements to customers based on their ability to pay and the organization's guidelines. 7. Escalation Handling: Collaborate with team leads or managers to escalate complex cases or issues that require higher-level interventions. 8. Reporting: Generate regular reports on debt collection activities, progress, and outcomes to present to management. 9. Customer Retention: Offer support and assistance to customers in navigating their debt situations to foster a positive customer experience and increase the likelihood of retention. 10. Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry best practices, debt collection techniques, and legal regulations to enhance collection efficiency and effectiveness.
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Mar 2021 – Mar 2022
Remote Sales Dispatcher
Received and answered emergency and non-emergency calls with an average response time of less than 30 seconds, ensuring timely assistance and support to callers. Recorded all calls and maintained detailed call logs, resulting in accurate documentation and effective follow-up on customer requests. Provided chat support to assist customers, resulting in a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Converted 20% of leads into sales through effective communication of product value propositions and proactive problem-solving. Coordinated schedules and routes for field units, optimizing efficiency and reducing delivery times by 15%. Tracked and updated call logs and data in software programs, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records for analysis and reporting. Utilized fast typing skills to maintain a high level of productivity and responsiveness.
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Think Teknoloji Danışmanlık
Mar 2021 – Oct 2021
Istanbul Turkey
Account Manager
Provided accurate investment advice to clients, resulting in a 15% increase in portfolio value for clients within the first six months. Conducted detailed evaluations of financial reports to inform investment decisions and identify potential growth opportunities. Managed clients' investment portfolios, ensuring alignment with their financial goals and risk tolerance. Stayed abreast of the latest financial news and market trends to provide clients with timely updates and investment recommendations. Regularly provided comprehensive updates to clients regarding the status of their investment portfolios and recommended adjustments based on market conditions. Sourced new clients through networking and cold calling efforts, resulting in a 10% increase in client base.
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Medproper International
Feb 2021 – Jun 2021
Istanbul Turkey
Sales Representative
Built and nurtured relationships with customers, resulting in a 15% increase in customer retention. Effectively demonstrated the need for company products in the healthcare industry, resulting in a 20% increase in sales revenue. Provided product samples and performed product demonstrations, leading to a 30% increase in product adoption rates. Collaborated with the sales team to meet sales targets and drive revenue growth, exceeding monthly sales goals by 10%.
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Errands PVT LTD
Jan 2020 – Jan 2021
Islamabad Pakistan
Lead Closer
Provided excellent customer service, ensuring high customer satisfaction and resolving inquiries and concerns promptly and efficiently. Handled customer escalations and successfully resolved issues, resulting in a 15% reduction in customer complaints. Collaborated with team members to optimize contact center operations, improving overall team performance by 20%. Maintained a high level of phone etiquette and professionalism in all customer interactions. Senior Financial Advisor, Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd
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Adamjee Life Assurance
Jan 2019 – Jan 2021
Islamabad Pakistan
Senior Financial Advisor
Contacted clients to discuss their financial goals and provided suitable financial services, resulting in a 20% increase in client portfolio value. Designed debt liquidation plans based on clients' financial objectives, resulting in successful debt payoff for 90% of clients. Conducted thorough assessments of clients' financial status to develop appropriate financial plans and achieve their financial goals. Provided recommendations on cash management, investment choices, and insurance coverage, resulting in improved financial stability for clients. Handled client complaints and assisted with the resolution of financial issues, maintaining a 95% resolution rate. Reviewed clients' financial performance and adjusted plans as needed, resulting in a 10% improvement in clients' financial outcomes. Offered sales of financial products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance policies, achieving monthly sales targets consistently. Organized seminars on financial planning topics to educate clients and attract new prospects, resulting in a 15% increase in leads generated
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AU Travels & Tours
Jan 2015 – Jan 2020
Islamabad Pakistan
Manager Sales
Team Leadership: Motivate and guide the sales team to meet or exceed targets, providing support and training to enhance their performance. Sales Strategy: Devise effective plans to expand market presence, increase revenue, and achieve business objectives. Business Development: Identify potential clients, establish relationships, and secure corporate accounts and partnerships. Customer Relationship Management: Strengthen relationships with existing clients, addressing concerns promptly. Sales Analysis: Monitor metrics, track progress, and utilize data insights to optimize sales performance. Product Knowledge: Stay updated on travel trends and services to effectively communicate agency value. Sales Presentations: Deliver compelling presentations showcasing travel packages and services. Sales Collateral: Collaborate on marketing materials aligned with agency branding. Sales Process Optimization: Improve efficiency through streamlined procedures and best practices. Market Research: Identify opportunities and assess competition for informed decision-making. Budget Management: Achieve sales goals within allocated resources. Negotiation and Contracting: Finalize agreements and contracts with clients. Sales Forecasting and Reporting: Provide regular reports to senior management. Sales Training: Coordinate training sessions to enhance team skills and knowledge. Customer Feedback: Gather feedback to ensure exceptional experiences. Travel Industry Networking: Attend events to expand industry connections. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends and sales techniques.
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Dice Tech Sol
Apr 2014 – Jan 2015
Peshawar Pakistan
Sales Team Leader
Develop Staff. Training. Coaching. ... Support Staff. Handle escalations. Provide answers and guidance to staff. Be a Manager. Lead and Inspire. Communicate company news. Do Admin. Leave approvals. Payroll information. Self Development. Attend briefings. Other. Take overflow calls.
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Dice Tech Sol
Jan 2014 – Apr 2014
Sales Representative
Take customer calls and provide accurate, satisfactory answers to their queries and concerns De-escalate situations involving dissatisfied customers, offering patient assistance and support Call clients and customers to inform them about the company’s new products, services and policies Guide callers through troubleshooting, navigating the company site or using the products or services Review customer or client accounts, providing updates and information about billing, shipping, warranties and other account items Collaborate with other call center professionals to improve customer service Help to train new employees and inform them about the company’s customer management policies