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Arturo Berlanga

SaaS Ops specialist

Growth PM at Onloop
Joined July 26, 2023


With over 10 years of experience, I am a growth product manager at OnLoop, a platform that helps teams collaborate and learn from each other. In this role, I leverage my skills in customer relationship management (CRM) and business management to design and implement features that increase user retention, feedback, and satisfaction. I also use my domain expertise in content strategy and team leadership, which I developed as the chief content officer (CCO) at Kuepa México, an online education company that provides affordable and accessible courses for professionals and students. As the CCO, I oversaw the creation and distribution of engaging and relevant content across multiple channels and platforms, and managed a team of content specialists, editors, and designers. Prior to that, I was the director of operations for the academic area at Kuepa México, where I coordinated the curriculum development, quality assurance, and delivery of the courses. I also have experience as a consultant for Venture Consulting México, where I advised clients from the banking and financial sector on business strategy, process improvement, and digital transformation. I am passionate about creating and delivering impactful and innovative solutions that enhance learning and development opportunities for diverse and global audiences. I hold two certifications in financial accounting and business process management, and I speak three languages: Spanish, English, and German. I am looking for a new challenge that allows me to apply my competencies and expertise in a dynamic and collaborative environment that values continuous improvement and user-centric design.
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Jan 2021 – Present
Growth PM