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Barbara Jabłońska

Hi, my name is Basia Jabłońska and my greatest passion is creating music in Spanish. My other interests are sports, healthy eating, management and psychology. I am also passionate about investment and finance, as well as discovering less known corners of Poland and the world. Professionally, I mainly dealt with teaching Spanish, translating legal and business texts. I have worked as a proofreader for language learning CDs and as an announcer / translator. I was involved in organizing trainings and workshops for entrepreneurs - mostly in the fields of psychology and finance, and also as a television production manager. I also gained experience working in a Spanish company, where I dealt with translations of all kinds, creating a blog, as well as customer service in real estate. I used CRM programs for customer service in 3 workplaces: in my first job in a company dealing with the repair of industrial machinery, in a company related to photovoltaics, in a Spanish real estate agency and in a company that is a platform for signing documents online (where I dealt with Spanish B2B customer service). I love taking on new challenges and learning new things. I am a very open and creative person. I think I could bring a lot of value to your company.
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The Legend Studio
Feb 2022 – Jun 2022
TV Production Manager