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Ben Pedersen

Trainee Data Analyst

Detroit, United States
Computer Software
Joined September 12, 2022



Native or Bilingual
I'm a multi-skilled worker with living experiences in the UK, Brazil, Denmark and the USA, currently learning Data Analyst skills such as SQL and Excel, complete with experience in multiple job roles and positions.
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Dec 2019 – Aug 2021
Portsmouth, UK
Customer Service Tax Consulant
- Managed over 30 customers on phones per day, explaining and fixing the tax contributions of the UK Public. - Worked with privileged access to highly confidential records of the UK public. Maintained security and privacy of the public’s income, tax deductions, public benefits etc. - Received and successfully analyzed Tax Returns, inputting over 20 tax returns a day into the UK tax system to issue bills and refunds, supplementing the phone customer service also provided. - Ensured heartfelt and understanding customer service over the phone, even with highly volatile subjects such as tax, the customer would always feel as calm as possible and understand everything that was being explained despite the complexity. - Saved the UK Taxpayer money by implementing accurate and beneficial tax code changes, while also ensuring accurate and legitimate refunds and tax bills were distributed.
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V3 Recruitment Ltd
Aug 2020 – Dec 2020
Portsmouth, UK
Warehouse Operative
- Dispatched 100s of products per day of various types. Typically dispatching supermarket stock from the UK mainland to the UK Channel Islands. - Established consistent and productive work methods to maximize output and ensure product dispatch accuracy. - Operated pallet jacks and material moving equipment to receive and transport items from various warehouse locations - Readied product pallets for optimal storage and shipment, carefully organizing boxes and balancing weight
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Directa UK Ltd
Jul 2016 – Aug 2018
Cold Norton, UK
Warehouse Operative
- Dispatched 100s of industrial products daily of varying safety standards and types to business both nationally, and internationally. - Maintained a high output of dispatch per day, ensuring all daily order completion, while also displaying adaptation to the particular customers’ needs and wants. - Operated industrial equipment such as Shrink Wrap Machine's for tape and other products, safely and securely operating these machines that can operate between 250 to 350 degrees F and higher. - Operated pallet jacks and material moving equipment to receive and transport items from various warehouse locations - Alternated goods in inventory by observing first-in and first-out approach to keep shelves organized and properly stocked - Simplified shipping and receiving processes for improved workflow - Kept documentation and records accurate and up to date with latest data to prevent errors in processing or delivery - Completed daily cycle counts and quarterly inventories and resolved variances to maintain data accuracy