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Bilal Iqbal

assistant editor

Broadcast Media
Joined June 9, 2024


Native or Bilingual
As an Assistant Editor with two years of experience in broadcast media, I have honed my skills in content creation, editing, and production. My role involves collaborating closely with senior editors and producers to ensure the delivery of high-quality broadcasts. I am adept at managing tight deadlines, coordinating with various departments, and maintaining editorial standards. My expertise includes video editing, scriptwriting, and post-production tasks using industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. I am proficient in handling footage, organizing content, and creating engaging visual stories. I have a keen eye for detail, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every project I undertake. In addition to technical skills, I bring strong communication and teamwork abilities. I have successfully contributed to multiple projects, from live broadcasts to documentary features, demonstrating my ability to adapt to different genres and formats. My dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends enables me to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. Overall, my experience and passion for broadcast media make me a reliable and creative Assistant Editor, committed to enhancing the quality and impact of our broadcasts.