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Bilal Momin

Python Developer || Machine Learning || Data Science

Thane, India
Studied Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology
Joined August 10, 2021



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Native or Bilingual
I have been working as a Python/ Data Science freelancer for the last 1 year during which I created multiple projects(using python, machine learning, NLP, OpenCV ) for my clients as well as for my learning. Also, I have worked at a tech start-up for few months from which I gained hands-on experience in different cloud-based technologies like AWS, CloudWatch, AWS Lambda, etc. I got a good hold of python, machine learning, and data science using which I can develop software, service, build machine learning models, create automation processes. I have also completed an end-to-end Data Science project. I am here to provide the best services and build solutions using my skillset. Some of my works: 1. TWITTER SCRAPER Built a completely automated robust scraper to collect real-time as well as historical tweet data up to any date range for a particular search. The code doesn't include the use of any of the Twitter API. 2. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Created inventory management system for local businesses to keep the record of the stock in the warehouse and make entry of new stock as well as during the billing. The data is stored in the MongoDB database. GUI is built using Tkinter in python. 3. BIKE PRICE PREDICTION (USING MACHINE LEARNING) Created an end-to-end data science project which includes the entire lifecycle right from data collection to model deployment. The project is based on a regression problem statement that uses the Xgboost regressor algorithm for prediction. Model is deployed using Heroku. 4. LINKEDIN SCRAPER Designed a scraper to collect all the data of connections. The data is used for profile analysis purposes and to create job offers for the respective profiles. 5. AUTOMATED SOCIAL MEDIA POST CREATION Designed a process that can create a large number of social media posts in few minutes. The code takes input as an image template and will scrape the quotes online for a specified niche and will add them to the template. Image processing is done using PIL and OpenCV. 6. FACE DETECTION & RECOGNITION The code can detect one or multiple faces in real-time as well as from images using OpenCV and HaarCascades algorithm. Face recognition is done using python's face-recognition library by feeding the code existing image with a label for recognition. The application is building an automatic attendance system.
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Dec 2020 – Feb 2021
Python/ Machine Learning Developer
Developed and designed the solution for stated business requirements. • Created multiple web-based services in using Python, MongoDB in the backend, and ReactJS for frontend. • Worked on multiple GraphQL APIs which gives front-end developers the ability to query multiple databases • Deployed scripts on AWS ECR that were triggered via AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda • Mastered at being a team player by working on multiple projects simultaneously and handling multiple GitHub repositories at a time.
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Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology
Aug 2016 – Jul 2020
Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering