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Mary N.

Content and Visual Branding Expert

Joined May 18, 2020
YOU ONLY GET FIRST IMPRESSION ONCE- DO IT RIGHT. Our services are niche-specific and tailored towards branding online businesses and served over 163,000 businesses to date before joining Oneglobus. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU CHOOSE US? For starters, our strategies and solutions are out of this world. Brand It International helps establish or polish your business into a stunning brand identity. One that not only attracts customers to your site, but also retains them. We ensure that your brand image pushes the right buttons for your target audience. You never want to leave any questions unanswered. More importantly, you never want to create doubt when people interact with your brand. That’s what we are here for. Our services are result-oriented. We focus on achieving only one goal… Ensuring that your brand is well-represented, speaks the right message, speaks credibility and sticks on your audience’s mind way past interaction with your brand. Sounds easy, right? But if it was that easy, then everyone would be a brand. Creating a brand that is timeless, one that remains relevant and one that resonates with the ever-changing markets requires a certain degree of expertise. Lucky for you, we have that expertise. Our area of expertise majors in the following: Content Branding Visual Branding Website Optimization Creative Brand Naming You can have a detailed look at each of our services here. OUR SERVICES 1. Content Branding Everything you say in your website is used against you in the court of…credibility. A potential target may find their way to your website. They may even need your services. However, this is never a guarantee that they will choose you. The truth is, one word could be the reason you missed out on a potential client. Just one word. Content branding is about using words to speak credibility, guarantee safety, dominate your niche, give reassurance and build a brand in the mind of the audience. That’s what we do best-create content for branding so that you drive people towards you rather than away from you. 2.Visual Branding Approximately, it takes 7 seconds for someone to determine whether they like your website or not. It takes even less to conclude your credibility. Most people go with what they think is their ‘gut feeling’. They just decide whether they like you or not- within 7 seconds. They don’t even go into reading the text that is meant to convince them. Instead, they glance over your website and get the ‘feel’ of your website. Your website design can either attract or repel the target audience. Wrong choice of template, wrong placement of elements can cost you a lot. We use a mock audience to dive into finding out the sum of the experiences your audience have when interacting with your website and the perceptions they have. Our department of web developers specialized in creating landing pages have developed a checklist for analyzing websites for visual branding. We don’t just establish problems but create solutions for them. 3. Creative Brand Naming What do you think of our name- Brand It International? Does it speak authority? Naming your business is very important. People respond really well to businesses whose name they like. We have conducted research where we gave 5,000 people 5 companies giving the same services. In fact, the copy of their services were similar. However, each company had a different name. The results were amazing. Our team already predicted the name of the company they were more likely to choose to give them the service. And we were right. Our creative team of thinkers brainstorm on the name of your business, look for availability in terms of domain name, social media, and also conducts a research to collect data on the top chosen name. We give you the top suggestions. Our branding services have helped thousands of businesses grow. You can join the list. Brand It International is for you only if this is what you want to achieve: Stand Out-Be Outstanding. (Yes, that’s our slogan) If our slogan reflects your business goal, your brand objectives, then contact us. We always reply 😊