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Caiya Carpenter

Marketing Specialist and Designer

Madison, United States
Marketing Specialist at RED
Joined June 12, 2024


I believe strongly in the power of a name and in who you are. I am Caiya Carpenter. I am a creative leader in academics, athletics, and in the world of brands and strategy. My background is diverse, culling experience and knowledge from multiple and varied life paths. I am Black, Hispanic, and White, a Posse Leadership Scholarship recipient, president of my collegiate water polo team, will graduate magna cum laude and am constantly searching to expand my skillsets in the creative fields. I do fashion and brand design, production of commercials and films, painting, sculpture and ceramics, writing scripts, creative writing, journalism and copy, and metalworking. I enjoy the collaborative process for projects big and small because, although solving a problem or bringing something brilliant to a marketplace is one of my greatest passions, I majorly enjoy the connection with my team and supporting their growth throughout their career. I constantly strive for a forward-thinking mindset, always looking for innovative ways to learn, update my craft, and to see where the world is headed and how I can get it even better.
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Apr 2024 – Present
Marketing Specialist
- Spearheading marketing and partner initiatives for new event spaces and menu launches, successfully promoting both a high-end restaurant and a fast-casual dining establishment, helping to increase their scale and market presence. - Leading social media strategy, creating captivating content including reels and photography and partnerships with influencers resulting in significant growth in follower count and enhanced brand visibility. - Developing and executing targeted email marketing campaigns, refining content and audience segmentation for optimal engagement and conversion rates. - Ensuring that diversity and inclusion are prioritized in all aspects of work, advocating for representation and equal opportunities for all voices.