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Cameron Needham

Passionate marketing, design, and martech professional

Phoenix, AZ, United States
Joined April 24, 2020
35+ years strong – deep in marketing, design, technology, and operations experience our small but mighty team of two (women-owned and operated) can help you. With a wide variety of skills, experience, and knowledge we can complete more projects for you efficiently and effectively as your one-stop, full-service marketing and design shop. At Needham Solutions, we are just that, your solutions to all things marketing, design, and marketing technology including but not limited to strategy, brand management, graphic design, web design, email marketing, marketing automation, social media management, system integration and implementation, copywriting/content development, SEO, lead generation, video/photo editing, promotional products, print services, and CRM/database administration. With a deep understanding of various marketing channels, design best practices, innovative technology, and project management experience, we are positioned to help you succeed. From strategy to implementation to on-going support and continuously improving your marketing efforts; we are here to help you accomplish more.