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Camilo Andrés Gutiérrez

UX designer

Medellín, Colombia
UX designer at Freelancer
Studied UX Design at google
Joined January 20, 2023



Native or Bilingual
I am a UX designer, writer, and researcher based in Medellín, Colombia. I am a native speaker of Spanish, and I’m fluent in English (C2). After studying Philosophy as an undergrad at the University of Antioquia, my interest in humanities led me to a career in design. During Google's Professional UX Design program, I studied UX research, ideation, wireframing, as well as the creation of mock-ups and high fidelity prototypes. I also studied best design practices, and how to apply them using tools like Adobe XD, Figma, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I enjoy working with people and collaborating on creative projects. In my free time, I like to read, write, and play music (guitar, piano, and kena flute). I also enjoy going on hikes with my wonderful wife and our dog, Luna. In addition to being proficient in Figma and Adobe Creative Suite, having the UX skills necessary to create interactive websites and apps, and also having knowledge of HTML, I am a highly motivated person dedicated to constantly improving. After completing courses in UX design, Virtual Reality/360 video, SEO and Usable Security, I decided to further study related skills in order to have a deeper understanding of design and technology. I am currently taking a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript course from Johns Hopkins University, and a 5-course Cyber Security Specialization from the University of Maryland. My portfolio showcases three recent projects, and details my process, including research, ideation, iteration, and design. These projects required the use of Figma, Adobe Photoshop, XD, and Illustrator. I developed a branding strategy and visual design strategy. I illustrated some of the visual elements, including the logos of Logicast and Santa Elena Realty. I have studied web app design, dedicated app design, mobile-first, hybrid app, responsive design, and native mobile app. I apply progressive enhancement as a strategy to provide a solid foundation and improve upon it. Studying philosophy has helped me to develop broad perspectives around creativity and analyze the "why" behind design decisions. Philosophy provides a set of tools to look at things from a variety of angles. For example, the usability studies I plan are a great way to gather important insights based on KPIs (Key performance indicators), interviews, etc. Having strong usability study principles simplifies the iteration process, and boosts efficiency. I find that applying philosophical perspectives, such as a phenomenological perspective to consider the user's experience and assess their needs, is beneficial during the process of carrying out a usability study and optimizing designs.
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Dec 2022 – Present
UX designer
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Dec 2021 – Nov 2022
Google UX Design Professional Certificate, UX Design