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catherine simba

Customer Service/Sales and Marketing/Telemarketing Expert.

Nairobi, Kenya
Joined July 22, 2023
I am a customer service/Sales and Marketing, telemarketing Specialist with more than 20 yrs experience. My work interest is customer service, telemarketing, sales and marketing. My strong side is 1) Customer service 2) Sales 3) Marketing 4) Telemarketing 5) Clients Relations. 6) Presentations. 7) Writing Proposals. 8) Planning and Organizing events 9) Compiling final client reports as per the data entry done. 10) Managing and Supervising distribution project for fmcg. 11) Managing and Supervising Product Promotions. 12) Setting Goals and Monitoring Performance, sales/marketing. 13) Guiding and Counseling established sales/marketing executive 14) Providing Marketing assistance and support. 15) Managing and supervising Sales and Marketing Team.. 16) Identifying Management Personnel. 17) Personal and Professional Development. 18) Training and Mobilization of women groups. 19) Project Management. 20) Receiving and calling our customers/client calls. 21) Managing and Supervising Sales and Marketing. 22) Solving Customers Problems. 23) Writing Projects Reports. 24) Managing and supervising customer service team. 25) Building brand loyalty 26) Assisting Sales/Marketing and customer service teams. 27) Expanding Projects to International Levels. 28) Creative in Various Brands. 29) Recruiting and Training customer service team. 30) Doing the follow up if customer satisfied with our services. 31) Confirming with customers if received their products on time.. 32) confirming with customers if delivery done on time. 33) Managing and supervising customer service team. 34) managing and supervising delivery/sales team. 35) Launching new products in the Market. 36) Doing market research 37) Managing and conducting product promotions/activities 38) Outsourcing and offshoring operations. 39) Managing and supervising outsourcing/offshoring operations. 40) Writing Outsourcing/Offshoring operations reports.