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Trenton, United States
Joined June 11, 2024


I am a customer service professional of over a decade. I have dealt with people in a restaurant, a retail counter, call center, and chat/e-mail support. At my last possession, I dealt with warehouse and inventory control, logistics, facility management, and Project Management. I was the team lead on two warehouse and inventory projects, that ultimately led to me flying to the mid west to train a group of people our packing procedures and how to operate our CRM.
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Fraba Inc
Jan 2017 – Apr 2024
Trenton, NJ
Market & Customer Provider
This role had many responsibilities, most recent was a customer account rep, and sales support. The primary responsibilities was to enter customer orders and keep them updated on, while trying to improve, the ship dates if it did not satisfy their needs. Among may other responsibilities, was trade show coordination, packing up booths, tables, samples, etc and coordinating the pick up and drop of of the materials.