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Chaphique Benarbia

Dedicated English Teaching Professional with a 4years+ of experience

Algiers, Algeria
Writing & Editing
Joined April 6, 2023



Native or Bilingual
My name is Chafik and I am an English student from Algeria. I am fluent in both Arabic and English, which allows me to translate between the two languages with ease. I have a Bachelor's degree in English teaching and have been enrolled in English teaching for more than 4 years. and I am committed to creating a positive and supportive learning environment I have a strong foundation in English teaching, including didactics, linguistics, phonetics, and phonology. I have also studied literature in both English and American contexts. Finally, my ability to translate between Arabic and English is a valuable asset that allows me to work effectively in a variety of language-related roles.
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enadjaha school
Jan 2018 – Jan 2019
English Tutor, Private Tutoring /English Teacher, Secondary School
English Tutor, Private Tutoring (2018-2019): As an English tutor for private students, I developed customized lesson plans tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. I provided instruction in the English language and literature, focusing on developing reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Through my work as a tutor, I helped students improve their grades, gain confidence in their abilities, and develop a lifelong love of learning. English Teacher, Secondary School (2019-2021): As an English teacher for secondary school students, I developed and implemented engaging and effective lesson plans that helped students meet their learning objectives. I managed classroom dynamics, using a variety of strategies to keep students engaged and motivated. I evaluated student progress through a variety of assessment methods, providing timely feedback and support to help each student succeed.