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Christianah Falade

I positively approach and encourage pride in all aspects of school life. I possess the ability to provide high-quality teaching to learners.

Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Studied Business Education at Kwara State University Nigeria
Studied Teaching and Learning at The University of Huddersfield UK
Studied Business Education at University of Benin Nigeria
Studied Business Education at The University of Nigeria Usukka Nigeria
Higher Education
Joined July 22, 2023


I am an educator, throughout my career, I have been committed to continuing professional development and have attended workshops and conferences to keep up with educational breakthroughs. For instance, I have attained an in-depth experience giving presentations at academic conferences as well as delivering lectures and seminars to large groups of students. I always prepared my presentations in simple, concise, and detailed order. So, it’s always engaging, and informative to audience. In addition, I am a qualified and certified member of Teacher Regulatory Council of Nigeria (TRCN). I have acquired creditable and useful experience in my teaching career which is suitable for the role of Lecturer of Business. Particularly, I have gained over eight years of relevant working experience as a teacher of Business in both further and higher education settings. I have worked as a teacher of business in a college, a lecturer of business education at a university in Nigeria as well as a cover supervisor in various schools in the UK. I have a track record for delivering the highest standards of tuition. During my teaching career, I have developed the ability to assess students’ learning effectiveness. For instance, I believe that assessing student progress throughout the semester is a critical part of my role. As a teacher of business, I use a variety of strategies to evaluate and understand how my students are progressing academically, including formative assessments such as quizzes and exams, summative assessments such as class discussions, group work, and individual projects, as well as more qualitative measures like class participation and attendance. In addition, at the beginning of every semester, I clearly state my expectations to my students about course material and assignments. Thorough the semester, I regularly review these expectations with my students to ensure they are meeting them accordingly. I also make sure to keep an open dialogue with my students about their progress. I encourage them to come to office hours or email me if they have any questions or concerns. This gives me an opportunity to provide feedback on their performance and identify areas where each of my students require extra help. Likewise, to make the content relevant and meaningful to my students, I also try to incorporate real-world examples and current events into my classes, to accommodate diverse learning styles and to keep students involved, I employ a range of teaching approaches, such as hands-on activities, group discussions, and individual tasks. Moreover, in my career progression, I grow to stay current with innovations in the area of Business course contents delivery, I am continuously exploring new technology and educational resources, as well as attending professional development workshops on a regular basis. For instance, in my previous role, I encourage students to use technology to produce and deliver projects such as multimedia presentations, podcasts, and digital portfolios. Incorporating technology into my courses not only helps me interest students, but it also prepares them for a technologically rich world and improves their 21st-century skills because I believe that technology improves the learning experience by giving students new and imaginative methods to interact with course material. So, I use technology in my classes in a variety of ways, including internet resources, multimedia presentations, and virtual simulations. Also, I use instructional software to measure student comprehension and provide individualized feedback, and I use social media platforms to stimulate discussions and organize virtual study groups. I am confident in my abilities to integrate technology effectively into my courses and present students with a dynamic and interesting learning experience. Furthermore, over the years, in my teaching experience, I have developed extensive and in-depth knowledge of business subject matter, I am confident to be an expertise in the delivery of Business courses such as Marketing and Accounting, through research, writing, and teaching. For instance, in my previous role at Ekiti State University, I had a student who was struggling to understand the materials in one of my classes. He was having difficulty grasping some of the concepts I taught in Digital marketing, so I took the time to sit down with him and go over each concept step-by-step such as contents marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and social media marketing. We discussed how they related to one another and what implication they had for his understanding of the coursework. After our discussion, he seemed much more confident in his ability to complete his assignment. Furthermore, in my current role as a cover supervisor, I supervise students to carry out pre-prepared lessons and tasks in the absence of the subject teachers.
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Kwara State University Nigeria
Jan 2016 – Jul 2022
Ph.D, Business Education
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The University of Huddersfield UK
Jan 2021 – Jan 2022
Master , Teaching and Learning
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University of Benin Nigeria
Nov 2011 – Dec 2015
Master , Business Education
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The University of Nigeria Usukka Nigeria
Oct 2005 – Oct 2008
Bsc., Business Education