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Christopher Brown

Programs Assisant/ Customer Service Representative

Guelph, Canada
Studied High School at Aldershot High School
Consumer Services
Joined October 8, 2022


My name is Christopher Brown. My most recent job was as a Programs Assistant for the Career Education Council, a non-profit where we coordinated programs that would help youth aged 18-30 find work in the Guelph, Wellington, and Dufferin areas. Before that, I worked as a Call Center Agent for OCAS where I help potential college students navigate their often confusing applications. I assisted them by being a calming presence on the other side of the phone, listening to their needs, and adapting to their attitudes as sometimes they are stressed or concerned, especially near application deadlines. I became trained on both the OCAS Tier 1 line and the Fleming College line, often times taking upwards of 100 calls a day, logging each in a timely and efficient manner, and keeping my average handle time below five minutes. While I enjoyed working at OCAS with my current team (we refered to ourselves as Team Awesome) there simply wasn't enough hours to accommodate my needs and as it is technically a temp position through Express Employment Services, I never really feel like I have job security, no matter how great my co-workers are. I am a passionate, self-starter looking for rewarding work where I can help people get the tools they need to live the life they want. I am a very organized individual with a passion for excelling in my work and a tenacious appetite to make my mark on the world. I have had a difficult life, but I have always strived for something better. I had an abusive father and have been living on my own since I was 17. I have persevered through homelessness, losing close friends, and countless near death experiences, especially while on the road at Abrams Towing. Despite the hardships that life has thrown my way, I try to find my little moments of happiness, little blessings that keep me going. Whether it's something as small as a smile from a stranger, or something as big as a new job opportunity, I always find something to make the dark days bright. Despite my rocky beginnings, I picked myself up by my bootstraps and I got myself into an incredibly stable environment surrounded by people who love and care for me. I would like to give every one of my customers a little bit of that feeling. I am hungry, people-smart and competent. Prior to this job, I have years of call-taking experience working for Abrams Towing where I was responsible for answering all calls from 6 pm to 3 am. I dealt with police dispatches, auto club requests, and COD customers broken down on the side of the highway and dealt with them all in an efficient and courteous manner. I can keep my cool in any situation, no matter how frustrated the clientele. I strived for little moments when I could improve someone's life. If they couldn't afford to pay for a tire change, I would use my Light Service Operator experience to walk them through how to use their scissor jack and change the tire themselves. My thought process was we may not get a sale here, but this will make a great impression for our organization as we are the tow truck company that cares. No matter your decision, I wish nothing but the best for you and your company and I hope you have a fantastic day. Thank you so much for your time. Christopher Brown
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Aldershot High School
Sep 2009 – Jun 2013
OSSD, High School