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Christopher Salnave

AI Applications | Prompt Engineering| Google Certified Ads Manager

United States
Joined May 27, 2024


I specialize in Online Digital marketing, helping small and medium-sized businesses attract customers, increased sales, and grow their online presence. I am also highly experienced in utilizing applications of AI, particularly by leveraging Generative AI models, Diffusion models (Mid Journey V6, Runway ML, ), music AI models ( Suno AI/Udio AI) and Text to Voice/Audio AI models ( i.e Eleven labs). I have solid expertise in Prompt engineering and have created over 60 Custom GPTs in OpenAI, which have collectively received well over 10,000 user interactions and continue to grow. I ensure comprehensive project management from inception to completion I prioritize regular updates and open communication to ensure seamless collaboration. I hold Google Ads - Measurement Certification and AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification. I manage ad campaigns for my three online stores, leading to significant sales increases and strong brand reinforcement. My campaigns have consistently delivered a higher ROI and increased customer engagement. With solid experience in AI applications and utilities, I excel in prompt engineering and have extensive experience working with GPTs and diffusion models.