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Clarie Kilcoyne

Versatile Executive/Personal VA-- Administrative VA

I consider myself as "a little Swiss Army Knife-like" with great enthusiasm in most things, an all-rounder type, a bubbly personality and always having the readiness to get involved. My superpower is my ability to see the good in anything. I’m a pro at living on the bright side. This comes in handy when I face challenges at work, too. No situation is too overwhelming, as always try to approach setbacks with a positive attitude. I'm a people person and a self-starter (though, making sure we're on the same page). I love transparency at work, learning, knowing, and embracing pieces of training. I am very flexible, geared to a "get up and do it" function. I just don't do my job- I put myself out and make it happen.
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Gaap Investments
Jun 2022 – Nov 2022
Doncaster, UK
Administration Support for Portfolio Manager and Property management General Administration
● Support in administrative tasks across the Service accommodation rental properties & buy to let properties and all General administrations. ● Checked bookings from Online Travel agents, calendars, reviews/ feedback ● Using Letmc software for rental properties. Updating rental payments. Tenancy, documents, and others ● Create Floor plans ● Ensure all property safety certs are in projects and director properties folders on the drive/Server ● Create Brochures, and other marketing materials needed. ● Customer service for the guests staying in the holiday lets (including taking inbound calls and property queries, and outbound calls to check guest satisfaction) ● Dealing with and to ensure the property are listed on the correct sites and bookable ● Booking guests in and extending guests' stay ● Checking to price and ensure its correct and up to date ● Helping the Project Manager to track invoices and ensure these are submitted to finance on time ● Research ● Create an inventory checklist for Rental properties. ● Purchasing board update ● Coordinate with tenants and vendors to make sure maintenance requests are handled in a timely way ● Keep track of all maintenance requests using the Monday board ● Answer customer service emails ● Keep statistics on maintenance performance every week ● Keep statistics on OTA calendars
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Wes Coast Palm beach Tanning
Nov 2020 – Nov 2021
Executive /Personal Assistant
support the owner in any personal, and business errands ● research on things that helps and are needed for the business ● rendered unlimited tasks to help in running the day-to-day business. ● Book travel, organize the itinerary, and Hotel reservations, food, and dining reservations ● interact with vendors like airlines, hotels, and car rental companies to modify the booking and ask for authorization if they can waive the change fee or cancellation fee. ● pay personal invoices as well as business payables ● purchases and orders invoices, receipts, book cleaners, hair/nail salon appointments, and order items needed for the tanning salon business. ● Reach out to all district business offices in California to renew business certificates, pay and follow up for the 18 Tanning salon business. ● completing the Quarterly Multiple Worksite Report for California business owners
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Using Technology Better
Jan 2021 – Sep 2021
New Zealand
*General Administrator / Marketing Support
● Event Logistics ● booking travel and accommodation for the trainers ● customer communications ● Lending a hand to the marketing team and supporting with marketing tasks ● An errand for management needs and support all request ● Assist the Finance department, creating and processing invoices and ensuring all invoices are delivered. ● Reconciling expenses ● Following up on payments ● Sending quotes to schools for product acquisitions ● Overall support and task taker