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Casey Weaver

I’m a highly motivated, dedicated and hard working employee that quickly rises through the ranks within any job or company I work for.

Learning and gaining new knowledge is my favorite part of living. I have very wide, vast as well as differing areas and fields of interest. I’m quite adaptable to most situations I’m presented with and love gaining knowledge of different jobs along with their respective responsibilities and expectations. I’m a fast learner and tend to absorb new information rather quickly. After being taught the ins and outs of the job requirements I’m able to apply my newly gained knowledge in a timely manner and to the best of my ability. I have great joy in applying my abilities and improving any lacking experience I may have til I’m able to be proud of my efforts and my workmanship. Without consciously doing so, I tend to gain more responsibility outside of my initial jobs expectations. I move up ranks or positions with larger responsibilities and roles slightly faster than most. At ages 18 while working at my very first job I was hiring and training new employees within the first two weeks and within the first month I was in charge of the assistant manager duties within my first month or two as an employee. I opened and closed the store daily. I’d close out each register and document all necessary forms before taking and depositing the days earnings to the bank. I filed nightly paperwork, created each weeks schedule, distributed the employees biweekly pay checks, etc. I performed weekly inventory checks and places weekly orders for products running low or out of stock. I signed off on, accepted and distributed the weekly truck load of stock received. Facing and fronting products as well ass transferring products from back stock was an all day every day duty of mine. Twice a month the stores inventory, decoration, posters, signs, sales, locations, etc had to be changed to headquarters specifications. Great customer service and creating close customer relations was my favorite part of my job. I spent much of my days helping to educate customers on what hair styling and coloring products were needed to provide them with the result they wanted while explaining the correct processes of measurements, application, processing time length, etc. Having repeat customers frequently come in and tell me that I’m the only person they ask for help or accept advice from and the only reason they stick to my stores location always gave me uncontrollable joy and happiness. The district manager that oversaw a multitude of store locations tried extremely hard on multiple occasions to convince me to switch locations in order to be a store manager and receive benefits and the pay I deserve for all the work I had already been doing, but I always had to deny her due to the travel distance. During my 3 years of working for the company our location went through 3 managers and even after regrettably resigning after two years due to the second manager being so unprofessional and leading all other current employees to resign as well, that same manager begged me on multiple occasions to return explaining how “needed” I was seeing how she was a manager by name alone and lifted a finger for nothing or no one. As bad as I felt I declined her pleads and later found out she walked out without a word and left her store keys and all inside the unlocked abandoned store with no employee to protect the products inside. A previous coworker I worked with 1-2 times during other store shortages ended up becoming the new manager and lightheartedly pleaded that I rejoin the company and that the district manager had already approved my rehire. I decided to rejoin knowing I’d have a competent manager to work with and I stayed working their until I had to resign in order to attend cosmetology school. I suppose this entire summary has turned into me blabbering on and on about a single job I held for 3 years. I haven’t had much more “on the books” jobs in my work history due to cosmetology school, Covid and years of being a stay at home fiancée , but what I do have are many skills, talents, workmanship, high attributes for progress and success, a deep yearning for learning new trades and gaining as much experience and greatly beneficial skills as possible. I worked for Amazon delivering packages for nearly a year, transporting, lifting and delivering packages totaling up to 2000 in a single shift with individual packages weighing up to 75 pounds each without the help of any tools or trolleys. I skipped every paid lunch break and most paid two 15 minute breaks With all breaks totaling up to $40 loss a day or a loss of $250 a week. I purposely skipped breaks to ensure I’d never be late to bringing the empty van back to the warehouse. This also meant I was normally an hour or so early which just meant one more loss hour of pay each day, however it never bothered me much because I have an immense fear of upsetting others by not being good enough. Any job I have I learn as fast as possible and then use that new knowledge to excel and perform my very best.
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Luna Freight LLC
Feb 2020 – Dec 2020
7572 S Rosemary Cir, Centennial, CO 80112
Delivery Driver
Grabbing cart full of packages from Amazon warehouse then stack them all in the work van before following the predetermined gps path and delivering all the packages. Once you have no package left, return to the Amazon warehouse to drop off the empty totes and to check in and “clock out” with your DSP (the company you work for that is contracted to Amazon) then drive the work van back to your dsp van lot. Park and lock the van before leaving the van keys in the key holder and get into your vehicle parked near by to go home.
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Sally Beauty
Jul 2015 – Jul 2018
17121 S Golden Road, Golden, CO 80401
Assistant Manager
Making sales, weekly inventory counts, weekly order input, weekly shipment, stocking products, facing and fronting, frequent planograms to change layout of store and or products, constructing and placing displays, opening and closing store, calculating sales and counting end of day money to ensure the numbers match, making bank deposits every night after closing, printing and filling out paperwork, creating schedules every week, customer service, interviewing, hiring and training new employees. Teaching employees and customers cosmetology for better hair color knowledge. Keeping store clean and presentable, pulling from back stock whenever shelf space opens up. Giving advice to customers that aren’t very knowledgeable on cosmetology. Create lasting bonds and create repeat customers.
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Paul Mitchell
Aug 2018 – Dec 2018
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Mountain View Virtual
– May 2015
High School Diploma