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Nigeria's fastest fashion and jewelry e-commerce company with over 50million users. Omni-channel & multinational fashion & jewelry company.

Lagos, Nigeria
Joined August 7, 2021
Nigeria's fastest fashion and jewelry e-commerce company. Omni-channel and multinational jewelry company that produces, distributes, construct and design top quality jewelry in the fashion industry. 7CRYSTALLS nigeria offers quality jewelry at affordable rates, despite the fact our products and services are extremely outstanding, most african celebrities prefers booking, buying and shopping from us, because the flexibility and qualities of our products makes us number one among our competitors. Our relationship with top fashion companies, investors , top african celebrities and influencers made us 1 in a million. 7CRYSTALLS nigeria e-commerce websites, technologies, blogs, magazines and newspapers and all our channels features, accommodates, educates and inspires young models, fashion personnels, fashion designers, fashion consultants and different mindsets across the world