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Award-winning AAA INTERGALACTIC INVESTMENTS GROUP – the first financial group dedicated to interplanetary and intergalactic infrastructure.

United States
Investment Management
51-200 employees
Founded: 2018
Joined March 8, 2023
AAA INTERGALACTIC INVESTMENTS Corp. is a company of the reputable and Award-winning AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA INTERGALACTIC) – the first financial group dedicated to interplanetary and intergalactic infrastructure. AAA INTERGALACTIC is neither an Investments Sales Group nor a business intermediary. The group does not sell its expertise. AAA INTERGALACTIC companies are impact INVESTORS exclusively investing in Real Assets. ✔ Investments are commission free ✔ Capital-seeking companies do not pay any fee ✔ AAA Intergalactic Investments Group does not deal with stocks, crypto, speculative or high-risk businesses. AAA INTERGALACTIC has won several awards - the most recent are: 🏆 BEST RENEWABLES AND FUTURISTIC INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT GROUP 🏆 BEST INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDER 🏆 MOST DEDICATED FINANCIAL GROUP 🏆 LEADING PIONEERS in INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTING AAA INTERGALACTIC 's primary mission is to promote a fair funding system enabling futuristic industrialization and a better socioeconomic future for the youth. The AAA Intergalactic “Fair Funding system” is unique; AAA INTERGALACTIC focuses on bringing dynamic futuristic investments into several vertical markets in regions where lack of opportunity and inequality still prevail. Its major focus areas are: • Futuristic infrastructure • Futuristic Logistics • Smart Cities • Renewable energy • Healthy agriculture methods • Healthcare • Artificial Intelligence Vehicles • Micro-financing • Private equities • Project Financing • M&A Location: Planet Earth, Space and other planets in the cosmos AAA INTERGALACTIC INVESTMENTS GROUP’s companies: 🏦 AAA Intergalactic Investments Corp. 🏦 AAAIntergalactic HochschildCapital 🏗 AAA Intergalactic Infrastructure