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Amara Raja Group

Gotta be a better way

10,001+ employees
Founded: 1985
Joined November 15, 2022
Founded by Dr. Ramachandra N Galla, the Amara Raja Group is one of the fastest-growing conglomerates in India with a revenue exceeding USD 1.5 billion through highly engaged customers across the globe. Through our engaged employees, empowered teams, and collaborative leadership we are in a constant endeavor of making things better for the environment, society, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. Anchored by a workforce of 16,000+ people working for 7 companies encompassing 16 businesses and at the heart of all of this are our people. We take pride in fostering an inspiring workplace with values that help each of us in becoming better individuals. The 7 companies in the group are Amara Raja Batteries Limited, Amara Raja Power Systems Limited, Mangal Industries Limited, Amara Raja Electronics Limited, Amara Raja Infra Private Limited, RNGalla Family Private Limited and Amara Raja Media and Entertainment Private Limited.