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Bolt Talent Solutions

Connecting the right people, to the right opportunities!

Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd is a global recruitment and HR advisory company with a distributed workforce across multiple countries. It is 100% female owned and run business based in Mauritius. Join our exclusive international talent network. We have recruitment offices in Mauritius, South Africa and the United States of America but recruit for companies world wide. Our belief is that talent and great relationships are at the heart of what drives business success. We have a team of virtual dedicated talent acquisition specialists ready to help you build your organisation, and to guide talent into exciting career opportunities. We pride ourselves in being client focused and obsessed with tapping into the exact skills & experience required to support business growth and creating high performing teams. The demand for top talent has never been greater and organisations today, regardless of industry or location, seek experienced, credible talent. We are proud to be a ​100% female owned & run business.​ We are extremely excited to add value to the economic and technological growth of the markets that we serve. We are committed to positively impacting financial inclusion of all demographics of people where we can positively impact their lives by providing equal opportunities for skills & career development.