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AI-driven cloud optimization for Kubernetes. Instantly cut your cloud bill, prevent downtime, and 10X the power of DevOps.

Miami, FL, United States
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CAST AI is a cloud optimization platform that reduces cloud costs, optimizes DevOps, and automates disaster recovery. CAST AI intelligent optimization engine delivers a cost-efficient, high-performing, and resilient infrastructure for every Kubernetes workload. Cloud Cost optimization CAST AI brings resource and cost optimization to Kubernetesusing an AI-driven optimization engine that applies cluster changes based on real-time workload conditions. It selects the most cost-effective instance types and bin-packs pods for maximum utilization. The platform uses spot instances that offer 70 to 90% discounts and are automatically selected for any stateless workloads. CAST AI also sets pod scaling parameters to achieve optimal application performance while maximizing cost savings. Moreover, users get detailed cost reports to enable forecasting expenses at the level of project, cluster, namespace, and deployment - down to individual microservices. Infrastructure abstraction that makes DevOps 10x more productive CAST AI provides an opinionated Kubernetes implementation that hides the infrastructure complexities with automation. So DevOps engineers no longer have to deal with IaaS complexity and can finally focus on higher-order cloud-native abstractions and concepts. They can create and manage CAST AI components through API, CLI, and Terraform to automate their infrastructure lifecycle management. CAST AI also provides services for in-cluster observability (logging, tracing, and metrics) and built-in security (encryption at rest and in transit). Foolproof outage prevention with cloud neutrality, multi-cloud and multi-region capabilities CAST AI protects workloads against downtime with a Disaster Avoidance strategy based on cloud neutrality and multi-cloud capabilities. To achieve 100% uptime, CAST AI adopts the active approach to Disaster Recovery by stretching applications and data across multiple clouds so that a cloud failure never becomes a disaster. Underlying all of our technology is a custom multi-cloud networking layer that makes the magic happen.