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Hotline and online reporting, case management, and sanction screening provide awareness and clarity to do compliance right.

Charlotte, NC, United States
Information Technology & Services
Joined September 24, 2021
ComplianceLine is a people based company. We serve our customers and employees so our clients can do the same for their people. We are the industry leader in integrated hotline and risk mitigation services, existing to improve the lives of all those we serve. We help you diminish possible negative outcomes of employee actions in your organization. World-class ComplianceLine compliance and risk management solutions integrate directly with executive-level ethics and compliance programs to help fulfill a company’s duty to create a safe workplace. You can establish a secure, efficient, and comprehensive mechanism for employees to anonymously report issues, more safely hire and retain good people, and monitor the security of your organization with ComplianceLine. The establishment of a reporting mechanism that supplies employees a means to voice their concerns without fear of retribution is an essential component of an effective compliance program. ComplianceLine issue reporting process “keep the door open” while maintaining reporters'​ confidence or anonymity via our hotline, online, and internal office reporting solutions. To further improve leaders’ visibility into their organizations, SanctionCheck services ensure compliance with ever-increasing exclusion screening demands: SanctionCheck’s searchable database is for compliance officers, HR managers, and anyone who reviews critical exclusion lists (OIG, SAM, OFAC and over 100 available databases) for employees, vendors, and other affiliates that pose a risk to compliance, reputation, patient care, and government enforcement. Search for individuals or entities that have been sanctioned, disbarred or otherwise excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world.