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Egbe recruitment Agency

Recruitment agency/ HR consultancy, businesses set up, shipping and freight forwarding, Travel and Tourism.

Dubai UAE., United Arab Emirates
Staffing & Recruiting
Joined May 24, 2021


Egbetanka.LLC .an International Staffing Recruitment Agency/ HR consultancy, Travel & tourism, Digital Marketing, Business Setup, Shipping & Freight Forwarding, is one of the prominent Recruitment company registered by the government of UAE , with the objective of promoting Manpower Recruitment Services from Africa , middles east and Asia and to all Commercialized World that require manpower for their Business Growth and Development. We are one of the Leading Recruitment Company in UAE with many years of experience. We are a workforce solutions company which provides training and ethical recruitment services to end employers. We strive to achieve our dream by developing the skills of youth mainly in the retail, hospitality, construction , warehouse, healthcare, security and facility management fields and thereafter assisting them in finding gainful employment. Egbetanka LLC. is associated with various government bodies in the UAE to establish skill development through an entire industry. We believe in ethically recruiting candidates as per laws local to each country. Candidates sourced, trained and recruited through us reach their place of employment completely job-ready. Our ability to recruit and train manpower expands to , Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Cameroon, Ghana, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Uganda. HR SERVICES PLACEMENT was founded to give internationally migrant workers an opportunity to earn a better livelihood. Our ideology is rooted in the thought that giving people tangible skills enables them to do so throughout their life. While up-skilling the workers, Egbetanka LLC. also ensures that they are in no way made vulnerable to the widespread exploitative labor recruitment practices. EgbetakaLLC. Provides a complete recruiting solution from sourcing and selecting the very best candidates, their deployment, their welfare up until their repatriation. Our local offices conduct pre-screening by telephone interview to confirm qualifications and proficiency in English, which is supported by secondary face-toface screening. Our HR teams will interview and verify each candidate’s medical fitness and aptitude as required. Where needed, verification of credentials can also be conducted. All selected candidates undergo a pre-deployment induction training. Where required, further training can be conducted so that they arrive job-ready. HR CONSULTANT While organisations undergo annual financial audits without a thought, rarely do they engage in an audit of their HR practices and in particular their recruitment and selection processes. This may be due to the fact that financial transactions occur almost daily whereas processes are quickly developed when a new person needs to be hired. Our highly qualified and experienced managers are able to provide expertise to deal with a range of issues including audit of the recruitment processes, labor dispute resolution, general HR administration, etc. We provide our clients with ready to use checklists to ensure that job descriptions are kept up to date and salaries are equitable and at market rates. BUSINESS SETUP At EGBE, we offer a wide range of business setup services in Dubai or anywhere in UAE at the best and the most affordable prices. From startups to large business enterprises, we believe in providing “out of the box” company setup services. For us, our clients’ growth and success are the most significant rewards, and we excel in serving as a helping hand for all our clients. We provide professional and quality services for all your needs for business setup in Dubai! We high-class services for business setup in Dubai and all over UAE. Our professional business setup consultants assisted thousands of companies, SMEs, and individuals in registering all kinds of business in free zones, offshore and mainland in Dubai, UAE. Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur, established business person, or someone setting their foot in the SME field, we are here to help you make free from the tiresome process to setup your business. OUR MISSION We deliver trusted and professional business setup consultancy services that assist corporate organizations and individuals in operating sustainably. We deliver workable business setup solutions in combination with our own business backgrounds and offer valuable services in a cost-effective and timely manner. On top of all, our mission is to become the leading business setup consultants in Dubai.