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Flatirons Development

Product development & full-service UX/UI design firm that focuses on moving business metrics for early-stage companies

Boulder, CO, United States
Computer Software
11-50 employees
Founded: 2018
Joined September 9, 2022


Native or Bilingual
We build beautiful consumer facing software that improves business metrics for early-stage companies. Flatirons Development was created to transform the traditional software development consultancy, which specializes in building software, to a model that is primarily focused on making your product successful. Our core focus, above and beyond building great software, is to build impactful products that improve business metrics for early-stage companies. We specialize in product strategy, UX/UI design, project management, full stack development, user testing, and quality assurance. Through Flatirons Fund, we invest our services in founders from all backgrounds who are building the next wave of tech innovation. Flatirons Fund was launched to encourage innovation during a troubled economic climate and the years beyond. Our goal is to advance and support a new wave of founders, particularly women and people of color who have traditionally been underrepresented in venture capital. We launched our first internal SaaS product, Flatirons Fuse, in early 2022. Flatirons Fuse is an embeddable spreadsheet import tool that makes importing data to your website fast, easy, and painless. We are streamlining the process of moving data from one source to another, turning painful processes for your customers into delightful experiences. Our Industry: Software Development Our Specialties: UX Design, UI Design, Product Management, Web Development, Mobile Development, Product Strategy, and User Testing

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