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Footprint Production

Howdy! Welcome to Footprint Production, a short film team looking for volunteers that love animation and marine animals!

Dallas, United States
Arts, Culture, Humanities
Joined November 26, 2020
Footprint is an animated short film created by Massie Hashemi, produced at Texas A&M College of Architecture. It follows Ava, a little girl who stumbles across a baby sea turtle wedged in a bottle. Throughout the struggle to release him, Ava witnesses first-hand the bigger issue that threatens the lives of many marine animals, that her ocean has become a global garbage can. Massie is the writer, director, and animator for this project. She started this team a year ago and built up a team of 15 people from seven countries to help her so far. Now, she is seeking new talents who have a passion for animation and planet Earth, specifically, issues related to animals’ rights to join her team.