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Hire a VET Hire a HERO

Our Military Veterans Proudly Served Us in Uniform, now let them Serve you at Home & Business...

Jacksonville, United States
1-10 employees
Founded: 2018
Joined August 13, 2022
Hire a VET • Hire a HERO® is’s® Transition Assistance Program (TAP) & supports US Department of Defense (DoD) & State (DoS) Personnel into Civilian Life, reducing Suicides, Homelessness, Substance Abuse & Mental Illness. Hire a VET • Hire a HERO® is Sustainable & provides 1.) Small Business Ownership, 2.) Dream Jobs, 3.) Education & 4.) Volunteer Opportunities to our American HEROES worldwide. We support DoD & DoS TAP Managers at Bases & Embassies to deliver a fast & smooth Military Member transition.