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Hire Live Support Inc.

We Listen, We Talk, We Educate, We Find Solutions.

Hire Live Support is a trusted and recognized hub of call center and digital marketing services for B2B & B2C disciplines. Aligned to an objective of delivering value-based customized services for your business simulation - we offer a broad range of contact center and digital services that enable integral business management and expansion of your service operations with strategic supervision. We enroll your brand into a state of recognition by delivering a rewarding customer experience based on Live Chat, Phone & Email- Support that soundly resolve in-house issues and make brands achieve their milestones. Hire Live Support senses the next paradigm shift by managing your business operations and laying out memorable customer experiences. Calling out fresh startups, home-businesses and running enterprises to join hands with HLS. We believe in offering collaborative working flexibility of delivering services through your custom-made software. Running a custom-made help desk software? We'll train our agents accordingly for the best results. We use industry-level CRMs and multi-channel communication hubs with enhanced product compatibility to cater to a wider range of businesses. Multi-Industry Support Serving Finance, Healthcare, Tech, Food, Retail and Other Major Corporate Sector with proven clientele in e-commerce, startups and running enterprises. We're instilled with elements that help us reshape customer buying behavior. We're more than a service provider