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Computer Software
Joined August 27, 2021
In All Media is a cutting-edge technology and innovation consulting organization, facilitating digital transformation in multiple industries. We have partnered with top-tier organizations such as NBCUniversal, Sony DADC, Aclara Technologies, and Dun & Bradstreet, among other leading companies worldwide. In All Media harnesses the collaborative synergy of all our international talent pool using Agile methodologies, to deliver excellence efficiently and with the utmost quality. At In All Media, we believe in diversity and autonomy. Our new model brings together a global managed community, with experts guiding and managing talented engineers; working to bring together the best talent in the world, regardless of where they are. We are not only evolving in terms of technology, but also in terms of In All Media as a re-imagined technology consultancy in step with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our community of 200+ experts and engineers are very motivated by different challenges in their field, and apply continuous learning to stay ahead of the curve in their expertise on new developments and innovative technologies. Our delivery model is based on Agile, On-site, and Near Shore capabilities to maximize team integration and provide the best value to our clients. We partner holistically with our clients in the co-creation of services and products, and follow streamlined Agile processes throughout. This makes In All Media a truly global company driven by a community of dedicated, talented individuals self-organizing into multi-disciplinary teams, producing the best possible output for our world-class clients. We're hiring! Email us your CV: Contact Us: