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Our purpose is to unlock opportunity, for both hiring companies and candidates. Karat helps connect the best people to right organizations.

Seattle, United States
Computer Software
Joined May 21, 2021


Karat established the category of Interview Engineering to make every interview predictive, fair, and enjoyable. Karat’s solution combines 24/7 live technical interviews, rigorously tested interview formats, enterprise-grade Interview Infrastructure, and unmatched data visibility and insights. Karat helps clients hire faster and more effectively by unlocking productive engineering hours, improving the candidate experience, mitigating bias, and delivering a hiring signal that software engineering leaders trust to raise their hiring bar. We believe the interview status quo is deeply flawed, hindering the potential for individuals and organizations to truly thrive. Interviews are opportunities to change lives. But expert software engineers aren’t necessarily expert interviewers, and software engineering time is crucial for business growth. Most engineering leaders view interviews as a drain on company financials and team morale. Many organizations are unable to conduct the number of interviews with the quality and consistency required to hire great team members, creating an Interview Gap. The Interview Gap forces shortcuts and limits access to interviews. Inconsistent interviews and restrictive screening processes inject bias and lock organizations out of robust, diverse talent pipelines, creating an Access Gap. These artificial barriers contribute to the growing inequality in the world by locking talented, diverse candidates out of life-changing jobs.