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Who masters the words masters the world.

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De dicto et de re ! It is the Latin expression that evokes the genesis of our company. The device refers to logic, rhetoric, metaphysics, and philosophy of language in order to elucidate the living meaning of a text. About KREOS is a specialized translation and content writing agency conceived to deliver the optimal solution for corporates, SME as well as for start-ups. We bring together the features of semantic and communicative translation to add originality to your content. While many translators are concerned only with the issue of discourse migration, we also ensure that your discourse identity is preserved. At Kreos, beyond linguistic proficiency, we rely on sociopolitical, commercial, legal and technical background alongside outstanding journalistic writing skills. Keywords: Logic, rhetoric, philosophy, psychology, history, literacy, journalism, context-specific, vocabulary, terminology, persuasion, style. Our Services Translation At Kreos, translation is not considered as a simple inter-lingual transfer but rather as an act of communication. We focus on your target audience whilst preserving your content identity. Content writing and Content management Our content marketing consultancy consist in creating reviewing and evolving your Business and Marketing content to engage your target audience. Design, Social media and Web Services Managing the relationship between the written and visual parts of print and digital media is the key to creating communication projects that work. Who we are We are journalists We are communication specialists We are researchers We are SEO sensitive Follow us: Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin @kreostranslations