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MAFHH An Institution

Our business strategy to diversify Green Investments in relation to environmental-friendly business practices.

Lahore, Pakistan
Investment Management
1-10 employees
Founded: 2020
Joined December 24, 2021


MAFHH is an institution, where we have designed an educational network to bring innovative ideas about the Environmental Corporate Social Structure Governance system (ECSSGS/ESG). We are working on ESG investment programs to move the track of the global business economic system towards a green revolution. Our objective is to create awareness among stakeholders and to encourage the business community to develop their systems in line with the ESG system. In this way, they are guided to set their strategic goal in accordance with ESG factors. we have made a business strategy to diversify ESG Investments in relation to environmentally friendly business practices and the effective utilisation of our limited natural resources. Investors can take initiatives by investing in Green mutual funds, Green index funds, Green ETFs and Green bonds by holding stock in environmental-friendly companies. In the main context, our aim is to promote climate resilience actions in order to divert business economic track towards a Green Future. Similarly, our challenge is to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities for sustainable development without degrading the environment. Being an ESG investing organization, our focus is on integrating sustainability and ethical considerations into investment decisions. We prioritise the integration of ESG factors into their investment analysis and decision-making processes. And consider a broad range of ESG criteria to evaluate the sustainability and ethical performance of our organisation. We have a strong emphasis on sustainability and seek to invest in companies that demonstrate positive environmental practices and promote resource efficiency. And assess factors such as carbon emissions, renewable energy usage, waste management and environmental impact. Our organizations also evaluate the social impact of investments. And look into labour practices, human rights, community relations, diversity, inclusion, employee welfare and other factors that contribute to social well-being. We also prioritise investments that address specific social issues like poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, childcare and hospitality. We believe in strong governance structures and practices that are considered essential indicators of long-term sustainability and responsible management. We have explicit policies and frameworks in relation to investment decisions. Our organisation established exclusionary screens to avoid investments in industries with negative impacts like tobacco and weapons and prioritises investments in companies that meet specific sustainability and ethical criteria. We are actively engaged with companies to encourage positive change and participate in shareholder activism, proxy voting and dialogue with corporate management to advocate for improved ESG practices. We collaborate with other stakeholders such as regulators and NGOs to drive systemic change and promote sustainable practices. We are considering ESG factors in relation to the investment's decision-making processes. We also consider sustainability performance and ethical practices in the organisation before starting investment in the projects. ESG integration helps us to drive capital towards businesses with positive social and environmental impact. Our focus is on areas such as renewable energy, clean technology, affordable housing, healthcare, education, and social enterprises. As an ESG organisation, we use our influence to engage with companies and encourage sustainable practices. We encourage companies to provide transparent and comprehensive CSR reporting. We evaluate an organisation's performance based on sustainability reports and hold accountability for environmental and social commitments. We collaborate with organisations, industry associations, and nonprofit groups that focus on sustainable investing and social responsibility. We are engaged with them in the dialogue process, share best practices and pool resources to amplify the impact of responsible investment practices. We promote awareness and share knowledge about sustainable investing and social responsibility. We share information about the benefits of responsible investing, ESG integration and impact measurement. We encourage investors, colleagues, and stakeholders to consider the broader social and environmental implications of their investment decisions. We are involved in policy discussions and advocate for regulatory frameworks that incentivise and support sustainable investing practices. We support initiatives that encourage greater ESG disclosure, promote responsible investment and create a level playing field for socially responsible companies. We are trying our best to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible investment industry.