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M.G. Atelier

The Novelty of Hand-Drawn Originals for Your Project

United States
Fine Art
Joined June 17, 2021


The little girl from Minnesota, USA, that was enchanted more with the book illustrations than the written words, MG has always had a love for a captivating illustration to help portray a good story. Also a fan of all things vintage/retro, she has pulled some of her inspiration from old (1950s-) children's book and comic book illustration styles. Her favorite illustrations are the black-and-white pen sketches found in the original Nancy Drew Mystery Series by Carolyn Keene. ​ A strong believer in artistic imperfection and simplicity being beautiful, she enjoys leaving her finished products clear and visible, but gentle and more sketch-like. With this style in mind, she has dabbled in creating comic book pages, greeting card and gift card illustrations, hanging canvases, and children's book illustrations. From horses and fierce knights to classy ladies of the 1950s, she enjoys exploring new subject matters both fantastical and real with a whimsical edge to both. ​ From watercolors, to acrylic, to pencil, to ink, she would love to work with your ideas to come up with something you are thrilled with! If you think her style would be a good fit for you- whether she can help you with designs for your upcoming children's book or a personalized gift for a friend-, give her a shout out! ​ ​