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Msamaria Children's Home

Moshi,Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Community Development
Joined September 14, 2020
We are Tanzanian registered NGO committed to rescue and restore the welfare of most vulnerable children with special focus too in/off the street children, Orphans, abonded and abused children in the region. These children came from different back ground some from the streets, poor families, death of their love once and abuse of different forms. Since from 2007 Msamaria foundation is championing to raise awareness to the local and international community to come together in trying to to meet their demand which are very complex and changing due to increasing number of beneficiaries, high inflection, physical development of children, this is why we chose this platform to reach a good people like you. Thank you for your an endless generosity through you over 1,600 poor children benefited in this services as residential care, education assistance, nursing medical support, self reliance education and realise the their rights and children. As Msamaria management we feel very proud to have welcome and join our hands together since we run Msamaria together by local staff, local community and International volunteers and friends. Join hand together one to one education sponsorship program, group sponsorship, project sponsorship and one time project project sponsorship, we value any donation and we believe any donation can make difference in the lives of these children. Lets support me as Folkward Mapunda founder of the organisation before this I was feeling a pit to see I had a very beautiful bed while our fellow children who were on there street had no place to sleep, I was eating three meals a day thought other children their not are not very sure to acquire a single meal a day, my children had enough clothes to exchange while other they don't even have a single cloth that look human it was so sad children looks like mad mans, no one think to go to school some were in age of 12 have never been to school and etc. Thank you for your helping hand thousands of children are eating for me and you. Share your love by helping one children restore a child dream Some children want to become a Doctor like you, A lawyer like, A nurse like, A teacher like you, A carpentry like you, An account like you, A mechanics like you, A president like you, Chose child to sponsors and mentor his future dream