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Freelance Recruiter - Nikkivdberg

Freelance Recruiter serving 5* Clients globally.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Human Resources
1-10 employees
Joined February 16, 2023


Native or Bilingual
I’m known as a Career Match-Maker, Expert Recruiter, Career & Life Coach and Specialist in HR. Let me be your solution in either finding the best talent for your business, creating HR strategy, assisting your HR Admin needs, Content Writing or Career Coaching you to success. Be it a start-up, large organization, individual gig, I can definitely assist. Why choose me? With 20 years of industry experience under my belt, I am a seasoned professional who is dedicated to delivering results! I am a master of proven methods that are efficient and effective in finding top-notch talent, meeting all of your Recruitment and HR needs, and developing careers. Not only am I extremely solution-oriented, but I am also confident, adaptable, and resilient. I am a true problem-solver who gets the job done, no matter what. When working with me, you can trust that our goals will always be aligned, whether it's finding the perfect candidate for your team, tackling your HR to-do list, or being a key player in your career succession plan. I am the perfect balance of easy-going and professional, always transparent and open to communication. Plus, with my excellent writing skills and impeccable grammar, I am well-equipped to create powerful and persuasive content that will help you reach your goals.