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Oeuvre Creations

Design to Desire

Johannesburg, South Africa
Architecture & Planning
1-10 employees
Founded: 2021
Joined September 7, 2022


OEUVRE uh·vruh noun The body of work of a painter, composer, or author. “The complete oeuvre of Mozart” • A work of art, music, or literature. Oeuvre Creations is an Interior Design and 3D Rendering & Artistry practice based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Oeuvre is a bespoke design practice that specialises in but is not limited to bespoke bathroom design, interior design visualising, and product visualisation. Even though our creative studio is based in Johannesburg, our design team works on projects regionally, nationally, & globally. Our interior design team provides services from conceptualisation through to procurement of your desired space. Oeuvre Creations has a diverse design and art style that is non-specific and designed and delivered to our clients’ desires.