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Innovating for Generations

WORK a. Market Penetration Consultation. b. Strategic Resources Mobilization. c. Advertising. d. Marketing. e. Creative Services. • Branding. • Graphics Design. • Motion Graphics Design. • UI & UX Design (Websites & Apps). • Documentaries. • Photography. • Videography. f. Printing & Branded Embroidery. g. Marketing Collateral. 1. Services for Exporters. We provide 360 degree services that catalyze and support; local, regional, continental & international market penetration, subconscious brand loyalty plus Growth through customer centered innovative and exquisite experiences. The results are market capture, growth, creation of lasting profit centered business relationships and the realization of returns on investment (ROI) for our clients. This involves employing strategic foresight, innovation, quality assurance, research, analysis & development,Strategy, Branding, marketing, advertising, promotions, sales, distribution plus integrating Digital & On-site Customer plus Stakeholder Experience. Market Penetration Consultancy continues to be an integral part of our Strategic Marketing Management Services. It is our pleasure to be committed to your brand. 2. Marketing and Advocacy for Science, technology & engineering Innovations. i.e.;  a.) Science, Technology and Engineering Solutions. b.) Medicine, Medicare, Health-Care, Rehabilitation and Wellness Solutions. The focus here are Solutions to daily challenges that governments or communities face. As we innovate for generations, Innovations in health-care are leading the world of medicine in a trajectory of precision prognosis and diagnosis, therefore Marketing and Advocacy for research, analysis and development in this area is of significant Importance. 3. Services for Non-governmental Organizations. 4. Services  for Financial Institutions. 5. Strategic Services for Manufacturers & Agro-processors. 6. Strategic Services for Education Institutions/Entrepreneurs. 7. Services to Governments. 8. Strategic Creative Services. 9. Strategic Advertising/Marketing Services. 10. Services for IT Firms and Telecom-Companies. NB.For more on service Categories, please visit: #OurServices E-mail: What's app: +256753470392 Mobile: +256775467940