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ovilash foundation

A non-governmental organization with the slogan "Come forward in human service"

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Human Services
Joined January 25, 2021
A non-governmental organization with the slogan "Come forward in human service". The goal of the foundation is to extend a helping hand to all the poor people from village to village. Our goal is to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. Our interventions aim to realize large-scale, positive change through economic and social programs that enable men and ladies to appreciate their potential. The Desire Foundation promotes the rights and well-being of each vulnerable child in a neighborhood and region, with a specific specialize in reaching bent those most in need. Now, within the face of the epidemic crisis within the country, the Avilash Foundation Facebook page has already expanded its activities beyond the lifetime of Mohanpur. In the future, we'll spread it everywhere in Bangladesh. We've done our Creative Coronary Care activities on the following Desire Foundation Facebook page. we've distributed fish from Mohanpur Rubber Dam during the season during a special call. 1. Awareness activities: 1 Corona Care Awareness Building Distribute 2 masks Products 3 awareness posts, video making sharing 4 miking, advertising, poster, leaflet distribution 5 paintings 2. Intellectual activities 1 Sharing knowledge about security 2 specialists, interviews with physicians 3 Interviews with senior officials 4 Update sharing of authorized information 5 Briefly the newest research information about coronavirus 6 Reliable international organizations highlight information sharing 3. Creative activities 1. Writing poems, composing songs, dramas or documentaries and other health-related topics 2. Making Awareness posters, written ups 3. Manage online programs 5. Grant activities 1. Collection of grants and sponsors 2. Collect food 3 Maintenance of a food store Our Desire Foundation Facebook page has many professionals from all sectors across the country. We are sure that the journey we've got started will never stop with the assistance of all the members of this group, Inshallah.