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Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF)

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Joined July 16, 2020
WE ARE POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT VOLUNTEERS IN KENYA AND HORN OF AFRICA. We are here to make a change. To provide help for those who are in need. To give hope for those who are hopeless, vulnerable, marginalized and to give chance to those who are forgotten. We strive to make a difference and to be an inspiration to others so they would help make a change. We help the people and provide different kinds of services for them. PRF is a philanthropic charitable organization community foundation trust umbrella and the mother to all NGO’s, CBO’s, FBO’s, Women and Youth self-help groups in Kenya and beyond the borders in Africa and elsewhere in the world. We are non-profit, non-government, non-political, non-religious community trust foundation. To achieve this we attracts, mobilize, recruits and placement the potential development volunteers to their interest matching active initiative physical identified meaningful projects in urban slums and rural villages across our national counties.