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Its all about AFFORDABLE - TIMELY - WEB.

Karachi, Pakistan
Information Technology & Services
Joined September 20, 2021
Q-Solutions is a digital consultancy. We design and develop web, mobile, social and digital marketing solutions to help leading companies better engage and serve customers. We have a strong team of IT professionals engaged in web development, business analysis and quality assurance. Our mission is to provide solution in most Affordable and Timely manner. Provide Quality on most reasonable rates. We are proud to have produced a powerful web framework Q-Web that allows creating cutting-edge HTML5-based web applications. Our technology expertise includes .NET, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Node.js SQL and NoSQL. We develop rich web apps using Yii framework, AngularJS and Webix. We are champion on eCommerce Domain. Many great businesses and brands running on our platform. We have over 100 successful projects throughout the globe and a lot of satisfied clients in USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Mexico, Kenya, etc. We support our clients on all stages of project development and provide after-sales services