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Abdullah Al Numan Radid

Abdullah Al Numan Radid is an independent Musical Artist , IT Specialist, Entrepreneur, writer , Influencer and Internet Personality....

Muktagacha, Bangladesh
Joined June 29, 2021
Abdullah Al Numan Radid is an independent Musical Artist , IT Specialist, writer Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer , Influencer and Internet Personality from Bangladesh. There are many Articles, songs and videos of Abdullah Al Numan Radid in Google and Amazon. And a great Idol for the next generation of our society. In a word we can call him a rising star He was born in his own Hometown Mymensingh of Bangladesh... He was born in a straight and well known family. His childhood was observed in Mymensingh with the touch of his guardian and father Saydul Islam. Education from Cumilla Cadet College, Cumilla, Bangladesh. He is a Bangladeshi independent Musician, Music composer , IT specialist And an independent Artist. At the beginning of 2019 , he passionately started to learn music composition and instrumental music making. His music have a different fanbase.. And famous too. cause his music is totally different from other artists. Most of the time he makes Instrumental Music and which is quite rare . His songs motivates the new generation with the touch of New Era. Some of Radid's great songs are : wIsH , Aurora's Dream, On Her Own Galaxy Way , Signature By Heart Etc. These all songs motivates the new generation and that really works. Radid is a writer too. He writes for the People, The Rights and to love ourselves... He actually motivates the new era to love their selves... Cause Radid believes that , Someone Loving himself will not make that person sad or broken. So with the touch of his writing he wants to rise others. New Generation gets a spirit from his writing. Many Many people follows his writing and instructions from Social Media. He has a Different fanbase from Writing too. Abdullah Al Numan Radid Is also IT Specialist. He have worked with JTECHRIP. And JTECHRIP is one of the best IT farm of Asia. He's currently working with Radix IT. RadiX IT is one of the most creative and sharpen IT Farm from Bangladesh. He's playing the vital role called administration head of this IT farm. Which is so hard to handle Online School Bangladesh. That was a big name from Bangladesh Educational organizations. Abdullah Al Numan Radid was the founder of this platform. Indeed it was a great educational and co curriculum activities contained platform of Bangladesh. Of course it could be one of the biggest educational platform from Bangladesh but it's a Matter of sorrow that they had a lack of manpower and team work, that's why they failed and Online School Bangladesh was lost. Radid is a rising star from Bangladesh. He's doing great in his role. Motivating the new generation with the touch of life isn't that much easy. However according to his age and work his totally different from other teenagers and aslo sharpen from others The creative boy Radid is now working independently and trying to make music professionally. He's Newbie now but trying to release something new. He's trying to be more professional and regular to his job ! He now wishes to be a part of upcoming Bangladesh music industry and shine like stars there in the leaderboard. He's also trying his best to motivate the New generation with his great articles and writing. Which is great for The New Era.