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Realigns Inc

International Trade and Development. Delaware City, DE, United States

Delaware City, DE, United States
International Trade & Development
11-50 employees
Founded: 2010
Joined February 8, 2023
Healthcare and Technologies Sustainable Development Goals SDGs 2030 REALIGNS. INC® started its operations in 2010 – Pakistan– 2015 Kingdom of Thailand– 2016 Kingdom of Jordan 2018 – Switzerland and Italy and United States of America. Established to become a multifaceted and multinational company participating in a variety of industries & services. Our specialty is providing services to B2B, B2C, B2G & G2G in Foreign Direct Investments ( For Renewable Energy Businesses), Skin care, Fashion & Textile, Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals Industries, Building, Training Worldwide Sales, Marketing and (Master/Sole) Distributions to promote various service & products Worldwide. A testament to our success is the number of high-quality products and services and our partnerships with highly reputable multinationals industries and distribution network over 33 countries. We have added since inception.