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Revgrow360 Hospitality Private Limited.

Revgrow360 is a Property and Revenue Management Organisation that helps Hotels, Resorts, and other accommodation partners like B&B, Hostel.

Malda, India
11-50 employees
Founded: 2022
Joined September 8, 2022
Revgrow360 is a Marketing company formed to simplify the life of Hotelier. We are the only company in India that gives everything under one roof right from making the best website to handling your digital marketing or managing your OTA. We are one of the best Revenue Management company, & Hotel digital marketing agency for Hotels, Resorts, Homestays, hostels, and B&B in India. Let’s talk Money! Ahhh Now we got your attention! So how do we provide Revenue management solutions to hotels Worldwide, Your Website, then the OTAs, then the meta searches, and travel agents and Corporates? Your hotel has to ensure that you are fighting competition 24/7, You need to be trained, qualified revenue managers who have a deep understanding of the field of revenue management and great relations with OTAs across the region. We at Revgrow360 are a team of 35 Revgrow experts working with hotels in 5 countries to ensure that every hotel room and every restaurant table at your hotel is being optimized. Working round the clock, managing rate inventory and revenues, using the world's best revenue management tools, all that is a piece of cake to us.